David Whiteside

A System administrator who is excited about DevOps principles and CM (Ansible) applied to HPC. I enjoy software development of all kinds, ranging from web development, mobile apps, to firmware level on embedded systems. I try to balance my time at the computer with outdoor recreational hobbies like hiking, rock climbing, and snowboarding.

Solar: View my residental solar data.

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Programming Projects

bandicoot - UI for the Data Center or Cloud.
pivportal - Secure Linux sudo access using a PIV, CAC, SmartCard, or x509 Client Certificate.
ansible-docgen - Generate documentation from annotated Ansible Playbooks and Roles
Paintball Gun Firmware - Released in 2005 as the "CodeX" chip by Hyperformance Paintball
Paintball Field Design Software - 3D Design Software
Paintball ShotTimer - Open Hardware and Firmware


David Whiteside - UNIX/Linux System Administration, Programming, DevOPS.

Rock Climbing

I am a bouldering enthusiast and spend my weekends in the summer months hiking into the alpine of RMNP and climbing on boulders.